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SPEEDING TICKET is the most common of all infractions committed and issued. Despite this, each speeding ticket is unique. You are not alone in getting a speeding ticket. Tens of Thousands of speeding tickets are issued in almost every state, each year. Courts and Attorneys routinely resolve speeding ticket favorably to (YOU), the motorist. Factors considered in resolution of the speeding ticket are circumstances of the ticket, relative proofs required for a conviction, driving record and age of the driver.

Factors considered for requisite proof the speeding ticket are: reliability of the measuring equipment (radar, lydar, antenae/radio wave, speedometer, pace or measurement), certification/calibration of the measuring equipment, certification of the measuring officer, experience of the measuring speed.


Michigan Law requires a CDL DRIVER to REPORT speeding tickets to their employer -UPON ADJUDICATION OF GUILT OR RESPONSIBILITY.

We are experienced Attorneys in defending and defeating SPEEDING TICKET CASES to keep the matter OFF YOUR RECORD.

When an individual receives a traffic ticket, he or she has a choice to make whether to contest the it or admit guilt. If guilt is admitted, the charge immediately becomes part of their records, and the person is subject to the maximum punishment for the violation alleged. Insurance rates typically skyrocket, and certain licensed professionals are required to report the infraction to their employers. The Secretary of State will take automatic license action, which can result in driver review or suspension. Traffic Ticket Attorneys steps in to prevent adverse consequences of conviction. Southeast Michigan traffic ticket Attorneys protect your driving record and low insurance rates, keeping your record clean.

The consequences of a ticket or charge are long lasting and exponential to the fine. Getting a lawyer actually saves you a lot of money. CALL 586-755-2900

In addition to license and court penalties, convictions on tickets and charges cause insurance rates to skyrocket, every 6 month billing cycle, for up to seven (7) years. Secretary of State and out-state motor vehicle departments (DMV’s) have reciprocity and take immediate licensing action, which can include immediate suspension depending upon factors of the driver, such as age, record, and court “coding” of the instant ticket matter. The conviction can cause future police scrutiny for different police who will see the charge on the Law Enforcement Information Network computer and may take adverse action on alternate matters as well. Police often ticket drivers who have infractions already on their records, and infrequently let drivers who do not, go without issuance of a new ticket.

We work diligently to prevent you from having a conviction by defeating the ticket itself and preventing the Secretary of State from “Abstracting” the conviction to your driving and criminal record, thus protecting both your public record and lowering your insurance rates.

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